Charter & Mission

The organisation was founded in 1943 as an allotment association to educate, support, and encourage the cultivation of vegetables during World War 2 for Foxton families and the wider community. Originally formed in affiliation with the National Allotment Society Limited, the organisation is now known as the Foxton Gardens Association and its charter has evolved over the years to encompass a wider horticultural mission for the benefit of Foxton village residents.

Today the Foxton Gardens Association (FGA) is a non-profit community organisation run by a team of volunteers that host a range of horticultural focused events and activities. The mission of the organisation is to inspire and enrich the lives of the Foxton community through the pleasures of gardening and the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. The FGA works to encourage and support our neighbours to engage with nature and reap the physical and emotional benefits of connecting with plants and enjoying the outdoors.

  • Foxton Gardens Association community activities
  • Management of village allotments
  • Annual Village Show
  • Annual Plant Sale and Swap
  • Open Gardens fundraiser for local charities
  • Daffodil, wildflower, and tree planting
  • Support for community biodiversity projects
  • Fundraising social events